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Rent W83 Ministry Center

Thanks so much for your interest in making use of the wonderful space at the W83 Ministry Center! We look forward to seeing how God will use this building to enrich both our church and our neighborhood.

Download W83 Guide

Visit the W83 building website.

If you have specific questions or concerns about either the building or renting space in it, please contact Rachael Lechliter, the building manager for W83, at [email protected].

In your email please include the following:

  • Name:
  • Organization:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Redeemer affiliation (neighbor, attender, member, lay leader, staff person, other):
  • Date of inquiry:
  • Date(s) of proposed use:
  • A brief description of proposed use (size of the group, needs of the group, type of activity):

Thanks again for your interest and your patience — we look forward to the life-giving activities we will all share in the building in the weeks, months and years ahead.