Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Renewing the city socially, spiritually and culturally

Share your story

Tell your story of how God used Redeemer to change your life.

We’re looking for short stories from people about how you have experienced gospel renewal through the ministry of Redeemer. To construct a short and clear story of how God used Redeemer to bring about gospel change in and through you, please use the three questions below to help you create your story. Stories will be reviewed and uploaded regularly each week. To see if your story has been added and to read others, go to: 
Stories of Gospel Renewal.

Read the questions below to help formulate your story (up to 2400 characters). The categories below are a guide and are not required in your story.

  • Heart
    In your time at Redeemer, how has God used the gospel to change your outlook and direction in life?
    What did you learn about the gospel that changed the way you live?
    Can you share an example of your view before and after the gospel changed your heart?
  • Community
    How did you become part of Redeemer’s community?
    What unique circumstances did God use to bring you to Redeemer?
    What special relationships did God use to shape your understanding of the gospel?
    What relationships have you seen renewed as a result of the gospel?
  • World
    Where is God leading you to serve your neighbors and the city?
    How has the gospel led you to serve the poor and marginalized where you live?
    How has the gospel led you to transform your vocation (in the home, in the workplace, in the culture at large)?




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