Redeemer Presbyterian Church

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Membership process

There are four steps to become a Redeemer member.


Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Transfer of Membership


Step 1: Intro to Redeemer


This is where you will learn about the history and vision of Redeemer, acquaint yourself with its ministries and opportunities, and dialogue with elders and other congregants on questions you may have about the church or Christian community. Though Redeemer is one church, we exist as three congregations. We encourage you to register for an Intro to Redeemer session hosted by the congregation where you regularly worship. This will give you a chance to meet your congregation’s elders and learn about how the congregation is engaging with their local neighborhood. You may also start or complete step 2 before attending Intro to Redeemer. If you complete Step 2 you will automatically be ready for Step 3 (membership interview) after attending an Intro to Redeemer.


Intro to Redeemer (Downtown) 

Intro to Redeemer (East Side) 

Intro to Redeemer (West Side)


Step 2: Membership videos and application


This next step will introduce you to the Biblical foundations of our five membership vows. Each vow will be addressed in a 20-minute video that you can stream online at your own pace. You will be asked to fill out some short answer questions after each video. Your submitted answers will be automatically converted into your membership application. Individual applications need to be submitted before moving on to Step 3. (Married couples should log in under separate email addresses to submit individual applications.) You may start or complete this step before attending Intro to Redeemer. If you complete it you will automatically be ready for Step 3 (membership interview) after attending an Intro to Redeemer. 

Get started on the videos and application.


Step 3: Membership interview


Meet with an elder from your congregation (45 to 60 minutes). Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment. If recommended for membership, an elder will submit your name to the monthly Session meeting for approval. Married couples who both profess the Christian faith will interview together, and both spouses need to complete Steps One and Two to move on to the interview.


Step 4: Membership vows and baptism


Take your membership vows at a worship service. If you have not been baptized before, your baptism will be scheduled for the same service.


Transfer of membership


You should notify your previous church when you decide you would like to become a member at Redeemer. Even if you are coming from another Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) church, you must go through all four steps listed above.


Former churches may send a letter or certificate of transfer to:

Membership Coordinator
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
1166 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10036


The letter or certificate should say:

  1. You are a member in good standing.
  2. They are releasing you into Redeemer’s spiritual care.


Under our bylaws, Redeemer does not allow dual membership — that is, membership in both Redeemer and any other church at the same time, even if that church is a PCA church.