Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Renewing the city socially, spiritually and culturally


New York City is a great place for all stages of family life, from dating or engaged to married, to raising children and teens. Redeemer equips couples, parents and children to love God, love each other and love the city, by facilitating, discipling, and offering practical support as families apply Redeemer’s values and beliefs to their everyday lives.



Our core values



The gospel connects individuals and families to the broader community as a center for support, transformation and mission. The congregation has the responsibility to fulfill its pledge to nurture and train children in the ways of the Lord (Dedication Promise and Psalm 78).



The gospel is God’s power for saving and transforming children, as well as creating and sustaining healthy marriages and families. All counsel, teaching and discipleship of families and children must be based on the gospel.



The city becomes a better place to live when families are transformed by the gospel, embrace God’s mission in the city, and sink roots into neighborhoods in the city.


Movement and mission

Christian families exist not just for themselves, but for the well-being of neighbors and the broader city through community, mercy and church planting.


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