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For the 25 years Redeemer has existed, the majority of our attenders have been single. There are thousands of singles at our church seeking to engage the culture with hope and integrity.

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, we held a single’s conference, S1NGLE: God’s Gifts — Our Plans. This conference shared personal stories and theological reflections, and held a Q&A panel about being single in NYC. This conference is beneficial to watch whether you are single, have single friends, are praying for singles, ministering to singles or just want to encourage the ministry of the church. See below for videos from the conference.


OpeningMorning session | Afternoon session groups




Opening video to S1ngle’s Conference



Morning session


What You Didn’t Expect About Being Single

Jordan Tanksley



Expectations vs. Reality

Jessica Hong



I Love You Because You’re Mine: Friendship and the Single Life

Wesley Hill



Afternoon session



Janice Worth



Singleness and the Rest of the World: The Commonalities of Suffering

Kathy Keller



A Theology of Singleness

Tim Keller



Why I Hate the Term “Single” (And Why You Should Too)

Bethany Jenkins





In addition to Community Groups, a great way to connect to others at Redeemer is through groups and programs that relate to the stage of life you are in. For general men’s and women’s groups, see our East Side congregation and West Side congregation.