Redeemer Diaconate Open House

November 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 6:30PM
Redeemer Offices, 1359 Broadway, 4th Floor
Curious about what the Redeemer Diaconate* does? Interested in becoming involved? Come meet your friendly Deacons and Deaconesses at Redeemer Church Offices on Thursday, November 8 at 6:30PM for conversation, information and light refreshment. This is a great opportunity to interact with members of the Diaconate and hear how they care for those engaged in our church family. Visit for more information. 
*The Diaconate is Redeemer’s mercy ministry addressing the needs of those in our church family experiencing hardship. The Diaconate is our response to God’s calling to be merciful, to love and care for one another in practical ways. If you know any regular attendees or church members in need of practical assistance, please encourage them to call the Diaconate helpline at (212) 726-1334.

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