W83 Ministry Center Update

August 2012

The last five months have been very active in the new W83 Ministry Center. Since the formal opening on March 4, approximately 2500 adults and 200 children are worshipping in the building each Sunday. We have hosted a number of large events for the entire church, as well as many other smaller events. Here is a list of some of the recent events:
The CFW monthly Vocation night with 250 attendees
The Marriage Conference with 770 attendees
Vacation Bible School with over 160 children attending
The Spring Congregational meeting and dinner reception
HFNY affiliate training sessions and a Mercy & Justice workshop
We have also rented out our 4th floor classroom space (Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 4:00PM) for the upcoming academic year to a neighboring high school who needs space for a language lab while they complete renovations. This allows us to be good neighbors and good stewards, while still leaving most of the building for use by the RPC community. This will also generate good will in our neighborhood and income to help us offset the cost of the building.
We are grateful for the enthusiasm and generosity that made this building possible and look forward to many years of loving one another and our neighbors through W83.

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