Pamela Brown-Peterside Joins Redeemer Staff

May 2008

Pamela Brown-Peterside is the newest addition to our Fellowship Group staff. Getting to know this extraordinary woman will be a privilege for all those who work with her or who experience her ministry.
Born and raised in Nigeria, of a Nigerian father and an Irish mother, Pamela came to the U.S. as a student in 1982. Though she became a Christian as a teenager, she drifted away from the faith while at Oberlin College where she received a B.A in sociology/ anthropology. Pursuing a public health career, she got a master’s degree in public health at the University of Michigan, was an AIDS researcher in London, and then came to New York to work on a Ph.D. in Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia. During this program, an academic crisis led Pamela back to Jesus and a year after completing this degree, she began attending Redeemer, in 1998. Not knowing anyone, Pamela soon joined a home fellowship group, then became a host, a leader, and eventually a coordinator (now called leader-coaches). She also served as co-leader of the Racial Unity Ministry for three years.  
Three years ago Pamela left her position in NYC to work with HIV prevention, and traveled to Uganda to work along side of doctors with World Harvest Mission. She managed a program that prevents the transmission of HIV from mothers to children. Pamela worked with hundreds of traditional birth attendants (midwives) to establish practices of drug administration and delivery that significantly reduced HIV transmission. You can read more about her work in Uganda at her blog site:
Pamela is humbled to be joining the Fellowship Group team and passionate about coming alongside Redeemer attenders to help them grow more deeply in their love of God and toward one another. She hopes to encourage people in their groups to embrace diversity, be outward facing as Jesus was, and live as Jesus did—unhurried and unworried—a radical choice, especially in this city! During her down time, Pamela enjoys regular walks in Fort Tryon Park, journaling, and playing tennis.

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