Diaconate Mercy Fund Special Offering

December 2011

“The Diaconate helped provide a well needed bandage for my broken wings with loving help and support, support which sustained me through a long and frightening storm. PRAISE GOD for the help He provided me through loving hearts and giving souls. Amen” - Diaconate Care Recipient

The Christmas season is upon us and we are reminded that the birth of Jesus is an epitome of God’s mercy. Jesus is born for us and he lay down his life as our substitute to take our punishment for our sin for us. In addition to this greatest act of divine mercy, we on the Diaconate continue to marvel at our Lord’s ongoing merciful provisions. The Mercy Fund we have available enables our deacons and deaconess to meet the concrete and visible needs of those in our church community who are experiencing financial, physical, social and spiritual hardships, especially in this recession.

On Sunday, December 11, the Diaconate will take our annual Special Offering to provide an opportunity for members and regular attendees to give to the Mercy Fund at all five services. In addition to prayerfully consider contributing to this vital ministry of mercy, please take a look around and encourage those congregants in need to reach out to the Diaconate for help.

Our Mercy Fund is available to members and regular attendees of Redeemer.
And if you are a Redeemer member or regular attendee with a financial or other practical need, please call the Diaconate Helpline, (212) 726-1334. For more information, visit www.redeemer.com/diaconte.





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