Kingdom Centered Time Management

March 2011
by Juliet Vedral

New Yorkers have a reputation for complaining about a lot of things, but there’s one complaint that everyone shares—there are just never enough hours in the day! So to help you keep track of where all the time goes, take our quick time assessment! 
A circle divided into 21 equal slices represents the 168 hours in a week, broken up into 8 hour segments. Start with an empty circle and go through the steps below:
First, shade in the amount of time that you spend sleeping. For example, if you get 8 hours of sleep each night, that’s 56 hours a week and you’d fill in 7 segments (one third of the circle). 
Second, shade in the amount of time that you spend working (which includes cleaning, walking the dog, and other “work at home.”) For example, if you spend 60 hours a week working, that’s about 7 and a half segments. 
Third, shade in the amount of time that you spend alone— running errands, working out, reading, etc. 
Fourth, shade in the amount of time that you spend with your Christian friends and family—this could be your fellowship group time, Sunday worship, prayer time, socializing, etc. Don’t forget childcare! 
Finally, leave the amount of time unshaded that you spend socially with those who don’t share your faith or aren’t part of your Christian community. 
What does it look like? For many, it will reveal an imbalance in the amount of time spent at work. For most, it will reveal how easy it is to overlook one of the most important privileges Christians have—to share our faith with people who don’t know Christ. 
We’ve come up with a way to address this challenge—P6x40. Over the forty days of Lent Redeemer will be offering events and activities that will help make more room in your life for non-Christians. View the calendar of events at or the weekly listings in the March and April CONNECT handout (under Worship & Evangelism). As we approach Lent, let’s prayerfully consider how we can share our faith with others. 

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