LEAD Pastors’ Status Changed from Assistant to Associate Pastors

December 2010

One of the actions taken at our Fall Congregational Meeting on November 14 was to change the ministerial status of our recently selected four Lead Pastors from assistant pastor to associate pastor. You may be wondering what the distinction means. The primary distinction is that senior and associate pastors are members of the Session, while assistant pastors are not. All Redeemer pastors fully participate in the Session meetings, but only our senior pastor and associate pastors are voting members, along with the ruling elders. Given the level of responsibility of our new Lead Pastors, the Session believed it was important for them to be members of the Session.
This marks another step along the way of becoming four collegial churches—maybe one that just looks like red tape and bureaucratic paper shuffling, but it’s a significant move, as Redeemer has never before had any—much less four—associate pastors.
Their installation services will probably be scheduled for spring of 2011.
Congregational Meeting highlights available on redeemer.com

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