Thank You From Tim Keller

February 2009

As many of you know already, God once again demonstrated his faithfulness to Redeemer through the congregation’s giving and did so in a way that has made me frankly prouder than I have ever been of this church.
Many of you gave faithfully and even sacrificially to Redeemer during the toughest economic time in decades and enabled us to come within 0.6% of our goal, or $10.7 million. We had expected a shortfall of somewhere between 5% and 10%. What this says to me is that we have a generous, faithful church which values the work we do in New York, and a God who is as present as ever. Let us remember this as we enter another challenging time.
As your pastor, I feel humbled and honored to have witnessed your trust in our Lord this past year. It’s a vote of confidence to all the staff and lay leaders who work so hard, and it is a mandate to work even harder in 2009, when a hurting city will need the gospel more than in recent memory. Thank you. Here’s looking forward to a year of working alongside you to seek the shalom of New York.

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