Launching The Downtown Congregation and The Hurricane

December 2012
by John Lin

After two years of planning and praying, the Downtown Congregation launched our first Sunday worship services on October 21st with both morning and evening services! With more than 600 attendees at each service and 70 children in our Children’s Ministries, it was an absolute joy to gather for Sunday worship for the first time! 
For the many Redeemer members and attenders who live in the area, this marked an important step towards becoming a Downtown community where people can explore Christianity, work for the flourishing of the city and serve those in need. 
Soon after our first worship services, our congregation was quickly challenged by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. It has been great to see so many members of our congregation immediately working to serve those who were directly affected by the storm. From opening up our homes to others within our congregation, serving in evacuation centers and shelters, checking in with elderly neighbors, and helping to bring relief in heavily affected areas like Staten Island and the Rockaways, Downtown congregants have jumped in to serve. 
I pray that for months and years to come, our congregation will continue to serve those in need in the city and work for its prosperity and peace.

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