The Timothy Keller Sermon Archive Is Being Added to Logos Bible Software

June 2012

Redeemer is excited to announce a new way to access Pastor Keller’s sermons. Logos Bible Software of Bellingham, WA. is the premier maker of Bible study software, offering users thousands of Bibles, commentaries, lexicons, and much more. And they are now offering transcripts from twenty years of Dr. Keller’s sermons (over 1200 in all), all integrated and searchable for cross-referencing; perfect for in-depth study, or for enhanced devotional reading.

As this project is a significant undertaking, Logos is putting the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive through its pre-publication program. Later this year Logos will begin transcribing the sermons, and will release them through their software in five increments.

If you would like to learn more about Logos or the Tim Keller Sermon Archive project visit the Logos website.

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