Downtown: Shrove Tuesday

February 2012

Downtown Congregation Invited to Shrove Tuesday
Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in many church traditions on the
Tuesday before Lent and is also known as Pancake Day, Pancake
Tuesday, Malasada Day in Portugal, Bursting Day in Iceland, Fat
Tuesday (Mardi Gras) in New Orleans and Fastnacht Day if you
live in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Simply put, it's a celebratory
community meal before entering the season of Lent as a
community. It's a meal with friends.
For the Downtown congregation, we'd love for you to participate in
Lent through the email devotional we'll be providing and to begin
the journey to Holy Week through a communal meal with
us...Shrove Tuesday. We won't be having pancakes nor will we
have Mardi Gras beads, but we will have live music (New Orleans
jazz), a catered Southern meal and a great space Downtown
where we can be together as a community.
This is also a great way to invite friends who are not familiar with
Christianity to join us as well, so please think about a friend or two
whom you can invite.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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