Hope for New York–Christmas? But it’s October!

October 2011

Believe it or not Christmas is just around the corner! HFNY loves Christmas, but we know that it can be a tough season for low-income families. That’s why we have two programs to serve our neighbors: Angel Tree and His Toy Store. Last year, over 250 HFNY volunteers set up “toy stores” at neighborhood churches all over the city and we gave away over 3,000 toys to over 700 families. Through the Angel Tree program, we gave away toys and clothing to over 200 children who had an incarcerated parent. 
Help make Christmas a joyous season for our neighbors in need throughout the city by donating a toy or volunteering your time. We will start collecting toys every Sunday in November.You can also volunteer to run a toy store or to collect toys after church. This is a great activity for fellowship groups and families. Email volunteer@hfny.org for more information on our Christmas programs.

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