Haiti Earthquake Relief | Help provide aid to Haiti!
On Tuesday, January 12, Haiti was hit by a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that toppled buildings and buried victims. Because of badly damaged communications infrastructure, it is difficult to assess the extent of casualty and destruction. It is estimated that this catastrophe has affected 3 million people.

Would you pray as well as give? In the past, Redeemer's congregation has generously responded to relief efforts after disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Southeast Asia tsunami, earthquake in Java, Indonesia, cyclone in Burma (aka Myanmar) and earthquake in southwest China.

If you would like to contribute to the rescue and relief efforts in Haiti, we recommend three organizations: Mission to the World , Redeemer's denominational international missions agency, World Relief and World Vision.

MTW is working with their local missionary in Haiti to respond to this crisis. World Relief’s Disaster Response team has been dispatched to Haiti to provide emergency relief. It will also work with other agencies and local church partners to distribute supplies to the most vulnerable needy individuals. World Vision also has staff members on the ground to assess damages and provide relief.

Thank you for prayerfully consider donating to the rescue and relief efforts. Please pray for the people of Haiti as they deal with a devastating earthquake in their capital city. And pray for those who minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of those impacted by this earthquake.