Family Ministries seeks to encourage & support families in their commitment to stay, and engage the city by facilitating, discipling, and offering practical support to them as they apply Redeemer’s values and beliefs to their families.

Our Core Values:
1. Community. The gospel connects individuals and families to the broader community as a center for support, transformation and mission. The congregation has the responsibility to fulfill its pledge to nurture and train children in the ways of the Lord (Dedication Promise & Ps. 78).

2. Change. The gospel is God’s power for saving and transforming children, as well as creating and sustaining healthy marriages & families. All counsel, teaching & discipleship of families and children must be based on the gospel.

3. City. The City becomes a better place to live when families are transformed by the gospel, embrace God’s mission in the city and sink roots into neighborhoods in the city.

4. Movement & Mission. Christian families exist not just for themselves, but for the well-being of neighbors and the broader city through community, mercy & church planting.

Parents! Save the Date for an evening Dr. Tim Kimmel
Everyday Grace
Friday, November 1, 2013
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
W83 Sanctuary
Cost: $20 per person
Register here.

Dr. Tim Kimmel is the founder and Executive Director of Family Matters, whose goal is to see families transformed by God’s grace into instruments of reformation and restoration.  He believes the best way to pass on saving faith and a transformed life is within the nurturing confines of a loving home.  He will speak on the topic of Everyday Grace.Tim is a well-known national speaker, popular radio personality, and best-selling author of books and video series including Grace Based Parenting and In Praise of Plan B. As the Executive Director of Family Matters, For more information, email Karen