Children and Youth

Children are a vital part of our church community and they are the next generation of believers here in New York City. Redeemer Presbyterian Church takes seriously the vow made by the congregation to assist parents in the Christian nurture of their children. One of the ways we as a church nurture our children is through their participation in corporate worship. Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through 5th grade, children attend the worship service with their parents and are dismissed to their classes just before the sermon.

For many children and their parents, participating in corporate worship is a new experience and a significant transition. It is important that children are exposed to worship and included in this experience at a young age. They need to learn how to worship by being a part of the service and by witnessing their parents and others model for them was worship is. Being a part of worship also gives our children a sense of identity, that they are a part of a community, something much bigger than themselves.  We welcome our children to join in worshipping our great God and in fellowshipping with his people, our church.

Each Redeemer congregation also provides a congregation-specific Children's Program and Youth Group.  
  • For information about the Children's Ministry on the East Side, West Side, and Downtown, please click here.
  • For information on the Youth Group, please click here.
In addition, there are Redeemer-wide opportunities for children as they move through different stages of spiritual growth.
  • Infant Baptism: for information on baptizing infants at Redeemer, please click here.