Mustard Seeds


The Mustard Seeds Ministry teaches and celebrates the Gospel for developmentally delayed children in an adaptive classroom setting.  The existence of the Mustard Seeds classroom enables Sunday worship participation for families of children who have difficulty learning in mainstream Sunday school.


  • Adaptation of Sunday School curriculum to our kids’ abilities
  • Cumulative learning of concepts taught in smaller increments for those with language or cognitive processing challenges
  • Sensory-rich lesson plans that accommodate different learning styles and abilities
  • Small student-teacher ratio to give appropriate learning support to each child
  • Classroom environment that is highly structured and routinized
  • Integration into large-group children’s worship with supports and sensitivity training


Mustard Seeds parents and volunteers meet often outside of the classroom for fellowship, special education training, and fun.  Parents feel cared for by Mustard Seeds, and consequently they give into each other’s lives, from special education information, to babysitting each other’s kids, to prayer and encouragement.

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