Some comments from past renewal group members:

"[The counselor] introduced so many different ways we could connect the material to God. She was kind, loving, and assertive in following up with us when some of the things we shared were scary. She truly created a safe environment and her own vulnerability made it possible to really trust the space."

"I appreciated the level of honesty and openness of the group. Addiction can be an area of extreme shame for most people, and the atmosphere created in this renewal group was one of healing, safety, and mutual support."

"The book and study guide were really great resources and the group had a balanced mix of individuals. Most of all, the foundation for healing was Christ-centered."

"I felt like I was able to connect with others who are sharing similar feelings and struggles, which made me feel less alone in my grief. I also felt it became easier to talk about my grief when it was a consistent time each week; the opening up got a little easier and the letting it go on the way out of the door got a little more bearable."