Renewal Group F: Hope and Healing for Wives

Dates & Time:
September 24 to December 10, 2013 (11 weeks; no session on 11/26) 
Tuesdays, 7:15pm to 8:45pm 

Redeemer Church Offices
1359 Broadway at 36th Street, 4th Floor
(Room location will be given to registered members)

(1) $40 per session, paid online in 3 monthly installments of $160 
(2) $25 workbook fee

Note: Scholarships are available for this Renewal Group for those in need of financial assistance. Please contact for details. Scholarship needs to be secured before the first payment.

How to Register: This group is closed.

This renewal group is for women struggling with how to cope and respond when their husband has sexual integrity issues (including the use of pornography). This group will provide a safe context to openly and honestly talk through the problems facing women dealing with sexual betrayal.

The group will use a variety of resources and readings aimed at a Christ-centered approach to helping participants grieve their losses, learn how to make boundaries, practice healthy self-care, and empowering group members to embrace the truth of who they are in God’s unconditional love. Topics addressed will include:
  • Creating and maintaining sources of support
  • Grieving losses when they come--identifying and verbalizing difficult emotions
  • Rebuilding your self-worth from a Christ-centered perspective
  • Engaging in gospel-oriented reconciliation process
  • Learning ways to reestablish trust and intimacy
  • Engaging in biblical confrontation--how to speak the truth in love
  • Taking responsibility when you fail or hurt someone--making amends
  • Addressing codependent behaviors—those actions that are either controlling or motivated by people pleasing.
Who is this group for?
This renewal group can be helpful to a range of women. Some women may have husbands who have been in active recovery for a while. They themselves may already be involved in individual counseling and are seeking complementary support in Christian community. Other wives may have recently find out about their husband’s struggles and are seeking guidance and education about the healing process. This group welcomes women no matter where they are in their journey of recovery (provided they feel this is the right time to participate in this form of therapy (please see “determining a fit” here).

Group members will be required to spend at least 2-3 hours per week in homework exercises and journalling.

Group counselor:
Deahna Calgaro. Please see our Staff page for bio.



For those interested in simply learning more about this area of recovery or how to care for others, below are some recommended resources:

Covenant Eyes Resources -- includes an extensive selection of articles, recommended books and video/audio podcasts for those struggling (both men and women), and for spouses and family members.

Bethesda Workshops and Faithful and True Ministries -- two Christian intensive, residential 4-day programs for both recovering addicts and spouses; websites also contain many helpful articles.