Renewal Group A: Sexual Integrity (Men only)

Dates & Time: 
Feburary 20, 2014 - May 15, 2014 (12 - 13 weeks)
Thursday evenings, 7:30PM - 9:00PM

Redeemer Church Offices
1359 Broadway at 36th Street, 4th Floor
(Room location will be given to registered members)

(1) $50 per session, paid online in monthly installments of $200
(2) $20 book fee 
  • Note: Scholarships are available for this Renewal Group for those in need of financial assistance. Please contact for details. Scholarship needs to be finalized before the first payment.
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Counseling Prerequisite:

For this renewal group, ALL participants are required to:
  • 1) Complete an Intake counseling session (or secure a pre-approval from your RCS counselor) as part of the registration process. 
  • 2) Commit to attend regular, on-going individual therapy during the renewal group cycle (counseling plan to be worked out with your individual therapist).     
How to Register: The 2014 spring group is now closed.  Fall Renewal Groups will start in August or September, so please check back with us again sometime in July or August, at which time we will post the topics and schedules for the new groups.

This Renewal Group is for any man who wishes to grow in sexual integrity and wholeness. It is designed to help those who struggle with lust and any form of compulsive sexual behavior, including the use of online pornography.

The group will use a book on sexual addiction written by a top expert in the field. It will address the roots of addictive behaviors, the addictive cycle, and what a multi-disciplinary approach to recovery looks like.

The group counselor will help participants put the material into practice, and will facilitate a time of sharing and discussion. Group members will be encouraged and challenged to grow. This Renewal Group will highlight ways that the recovery process can be more deeply Christ-centered and gospel-driven. 

Who is this group for?
This group can be beneficial for a wide spectrum of men. Some men may not be sure if they have an "addiction", but are struggling to stop certain sexual patterns such as struggles with online pornography. They may wish for a comprehensive big-picture view of the path to healing, and to understand the struggle from a multi-dimensional perspective. 

Other participants may already feel that they fit with a "clinical" definition of sexual addiction, perhaps assessed by a counselor or through the "SAST" inventory. These men may already be in individual therapy, but now desire a complementary group counseling experience. They may already be involved in 12-step programs, yet wish to engage in a more intensive and clinical group experience to supplement their recovery work. 

Whatever the case, we welcome all those who seek to grow in sexual integrity and to live in greater freedom. If you are unsure of this group's fit for you, feel free to contact the group counselor at to discern if this group is a good fit. 

Curriculum and Requirements
In addition to the group workbook, additional biblical and counseling resources will be provided by the group counselor. Group members will be required to spend at least 2-3 hours per week in personal reading and journalling in between sessions.

Group counselor:
Nick Darrell


For those interested in simply learning more about the problem and how to develop a strong recovery plan, here below are a couple of recommended resources:

Covenant Eyes Resources -- includes an extensive selection of articles, recommended books and video/audio podcasts for those struggling (both men and women), and for spouses and family members. 

Bethesda Workshops and Faithful and True Ministries -- two Christian intensive, residential 4-day programs; websites contain many helpful articles on sex addiction treatment.