Renewal Group D: The Wounded Heart - Sexual Abuse Recovery (Women only)

Date & Time:
February 18, 2014 - May 13, 2014 (13 weeks)
Tuesday evenings from 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Redeemer Church Offices 
1359 Broadway at 36th Street, 4th Floor 
Room location will be given to registered members

(1) $50 per session, paid online in monthly installments of $200
(2) $25 materials fee
  • Note: Scholarships are available for this Renewal Group for those in need of financial assistance. Please contact for details. Scholarship needs to be finalized before the first payment.
Please see the FAQ questions regarding the fees. 

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Counseling Prerequisite:
For this renewal group, ALL participants are required to:
1) Complete an Intake counseling session (or secure a pre-approval from your RCS counselor) as part of the registration process. 
2) Commit to attend regular, on-going individual therapy during the renewal group cycle (counseling plan to be worked out with your individual therapist).     

How to Register: The 2014 spring group is now closed.  Fall Renewal Groups will start in August or September, so please check back with us again sometime in July or August, at which time we will post the topics and schedules for the new groups.

This Renewal Group is for any woman who wishes to explore the effects of being sexually abused as a child and/or adolescent. It is designed to help those who struggle to cope with life in the present because the pain and hurt from their past abuse experience is still with them.

The group will use a book and accompanying workbook written by Dr. Dan Allender, a top expert in the field. The book and workbook combine biblical and clinical insights and skills. It will address many topics, such as understanding the nature of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, family of origin dynamics, how abuse damaged your body, emotions, thinking, relationships and your spirit, and what healing looks like for your body, emotions, thinking, relationships and your spirit.

The group counselor will help participants put the material and principles into practice, and will facilitate a time of sharing and discussion so that group members will be encouraged and challenged to grow. Most of all, this Renewal Group will highlight ways that the recovery process can be more deeply Christ-centered and gospel-driven. 

Who is this group for?
This group can be beneficial for a wide spectrum of women. Some women may have only experienced one incident of abuse while others experienced it over many years as a child and adolescent. And there are those somewhere in the middle. Some women have not experienced tangible negative effects over their adult years while some continue to live with the devastating after-effects since their abuse occurred. Whatever the case, we welcome all those who seek to examine how their abuse experience has shaped their perspective on themselves, others and God. Our hope is that as result of journeying together for these 13 weeks, we will all learn to live in greater freedom. 

Group members will be required to spend at least 1-2 hours per week in homework exercises and journaling.

Group counselors: 
Deahna Calgaro and Missy Terrell