How to Register for a Group


Registration opens January 2014

All our Renewal Groups are listed on the right-hand menu. The table above shows which ones are currently open for registration. Click on the group you are interested in for information on dates, time, location and fees. 


STEP 1 - Confirm whether Renewal Groups are a good fit for you
Please verify that the purpose and nature of the group fits with your goals for counseling and where you are in the healing process. Review factors listed under "Determining A Fit for Renewal Groups" below.

STEP 2 - Fill out the online registration form found on the group webpage
Please be thorough, as our staff will use this information to help you discern your fit with the group at this time.

STEP 3 - Pay for the first monthly fee online
A link to the Redeemer Store will be posted on the group webpage. 

NOTE: After you complete these steps, you will be tentatively registered for the group. Registration must be confirmed by the counselor leading the group. Staff will review your information and contact you should there be any questions or concerns.  


It is important for all members of a counseling group to be ready to participate in this form of counseling. Please evaluate these factors below. 
  • The group's particular area of healing/recovery should be one of the primary areas you are working through. You should be able to identify with the other group members in this regard. You are there for your own healing, not to heal others. Counselors in training, family and friends of those struggling in this area cannot participate in the groups.
  • All members should be emotionally "ready" to participate in this kind of group experience. If you might be consistently overwhelmed with emotions such that the group would need to regularly stop to attend to you, this group experience may not be best for you at this time. We suggest you continue with or start individual counseling first.
  • You must be prepared to uphold the Group Guidelines listed below during meetings. The guidelines ensure group sessions are safe contexts for healing and growth.
If you are still unsure whether Renewal Groups are a good fit for you, we recommend you consult with your individual counselor (if you are currently seeking counseling) or contact the staff at 


Because love seeks to build up (1 Cor. 8:1), we ask all group members to commit to these guidelines below:

1. We commit to attend all meetings for the duration of the group cycle. We understand that regular attendance impacts the dynamics of my group, encourages my fellow group members, and deepens the unity and shared purpose in recovery.

2. We encourage each other to be open, honest and truthful. Yet, we are also sensitive to how our words impact others. We avoid graphic descriptions that may cause others to stumble.

3. We honor the time we have together and allow everyone a turn to share. We allow our counselor to guide our sharing and discussion.

4. We give each other the grace and space to fully process our emotions and thoughts. We do not interrupt each other, nor advise others on how they should feel.

5. We keep our sharing focused on our own personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. We do not criticize or condemn others.

6. We will allow safe group conversation, yet we give each other feedback as long as it reflects our own experiences. We ask questions with sensitivity. We begin our feedback with “I,” and not with “you.” We do not try to fix others; and we do not get locked in debates that exclude others.

7. We firmly seek to protect the group members’ confidentiality. Who I see here, what is said here, when I leave here, stays here! This means that: We commit not to gossip. Gossip involves taking someone’s personal information that does not concern you and sharing it with those who are not part of the problem or part of the solution. This includes sharing with a spouse or close friends. The group counselor has the right to firmly address any violation of this commitment to confidentiality. Group members may be dismissed from the group if there is a violation.

NOTE: There is one exception to this confidentiality commitment. If anyone discloses feelings or actions that indicate he/she is a possible danger to themselves or others, we are mandated by law to report that danger in order to ensure safety. Also, the staff must report to the proper authorities any disclosure of past or current unreported child or elder abuse. These exceptions are made explicit to all group members.