Things to Remember in Our Prayers

For firefighters, police, and emergency medical personnel on site:

  • for physical and emotional stamina.
  • for physical safety in the dangerous debris.
  • for additional relief workers to give the rescue teams the break they need from their efforts.
  • for the ability to focus courageously on the task at hand, in spite of the loss of many colleagues, including several fire chiefs and deputies. For good direction of the rescue efforts as other officials step up to give leadership.

For surviving workers in World Trade Center companies:

  • for healing from personal trauma and/or injury suffered on Tuesday.
  • for those not on site at the time of the attack to recognize God's hand in keeping them safe.
  • for people to seek the counseling they need (guilt, grief over lost colleagues and friends, vengeful thoughts, fears).

For families and friends of those missing or dead, both on the planes and in the World Trade Center:

  • that families and friends will have strength and peace to deal with today, as they wait for news.
  • for families to receive the strong immediate support of friends and relatives - emotionally, spiritually, and practically (childcare, meals, answering the phone).
  • for special comfort for children who've lost a parent.
  • for the ability to sleep.
  • for comfort for parents and other family members who live far away and cannot yet fly to New York to be present. (Many of the WTC workers are young single professionals who live alone.)
  • that the Christians who've lost loved ones will demonstrate a shining and steady peace amidst their grief which will speak loudly of the hope found in Christ.

For the response of NYC Christians, personally and corporately:

  • for creative ideas of how to quickly meet needs, comfort, and lift up the Savior.
  • for Christians to take the initiative to speak of Christ to those hurting around them.
  • for churches to have open doors and counselors readily available this week.
  • for God's hope to be proclaimed in the many funerals and memorial services all over the city.
  • for the stamina and wisdom of pastors and counselors who are being deluged with people's needs.
  • for Christians to reach out to help those from Middle Eastern descent who may be fearful or shunned.

For our national government:

  • that the president and his advisors will make reasoned decisions about America's first response which stem from God's wisdom, instead of from human reactions to this tragedy.
  • for President Bush's strength and alertness in the midst of the crisis.

For New York City:

  • that Arab and Middle Eastern New Yorkers will not be attacked or ostracized.
  • for the safety of other buildings in the vicinity of the destruction, which may have been damaged.
  • that the indomitable spirit of New Yorkers will rebound from this ultimate test and their energy be directed in positive ways to rebuild, to help others, etc.
  • for the city's economy to remain stable.

For families and friends of those missing or dead, both on the planes or in the World Trade Center:

  • that families and friends of victims will seek out the counseling they need to replace the poison of bitterness with the ability to forgive.
  • for grieving adults and children to be able to sleep without nightmares.
  • for financial needs of the families to be met.
  • for teachers of the children who've lost a loved one, as they counsel and deal with the long-term affects of the children's grief.

For surviving workers from World Trade Center companies:

  • for direction for those whose companies or offices have disappeared, that they would be able to pick up the pieces of their lives and careers and start afresh.
  • for financial needs to be met during time out of work.
  • for re-connection with co-workers, and continuation of projects they have lost.
  • that any of their Christian friends and acquaintances would serve them generously and make a godly impact on their lives.

For our nation:

  • that an unhealthy "isolationist" mentality will not permeate our nation.
  • that Americans will not place blame for these actions on all people from Arab and Middle Eastern ethnicity.

For the response of Christians, personally and corporately:

  • that Christians would continue to see cities as places of prime ministry opportunity, rather than places to avoid for personal safety.
  • that this tragedy will result in the largest outpouring of the Gospel in word and deed in many years.

List Compiled by: Here's Life Inner City