Psychometric Assessments

FIRST STEP -- Taking the Assessments and Initial "Interpretation"

The first step that we recommend for your career direction exploration is to take either/both of the two psychometric instruments we offer: the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (see "More About the Strong and the MBTI" on the right-hand menu).

You will take these assessments online and then walk through an "interpretation" follow-up with a certified assessments professional, where you will receive and verify your results and begin applying them to your career research through the accompaying reports.

The interpretation session can be done through two options -- EITHER through 1) two individual sessions (1 hour each), OR 2) a group workshop (3 & 1/2 hours). Which option should you choose for this step? See our FAQ section.

Packages and Fees

You may choose to purchase each assessment, the Strong or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator separately, or you may choose to purchase them together as a package. The listed fees below include BOTH the purchase of the assessment(s) AND the follow-up option. For a schedule of the workshop, please see Where Do I Go Next? Workshop.

Please note that the regular fee for a counseling session at RCS is $160, and therefore the Strong and MBTI Package (2 Individual Follow-Ups) fee of $160 is highly discounted as it includes both assessments and two counseling sessions.

Scholarships are available (for workshop option only) -- please email to request an application.

SECOND STEP -- Going Deeper with Further Individual Sessions

After you have taken your assessments and completed the initial interpretation via either the workshop or the two individual sessions, we recommend deeper exploration through individual career counseling. In individual sessions, you can deepen your understanding of your assessment results and further integrate the insights from both reports.

These sessions will be customized to your personal goals for career counseling and where you are in the career research process. The number of sessions and areas of focus will be discussed with your career counselor.

Please contact us to inquire more about fees or if you have other questions.