Roll over the dates in the timeline below to see Redeemer's accomplishments and goals for our vision.


Real Estate Search

  • Real Estate committee reviews vision campaign goals, adjusts real estate budget based on Vision Campaign revenue, and develops a building program
  • Colliers ABR chosen as real estate firm
  • Building search starts, Sept 2006 – 150 W 83rd St is found, Oct 2006
  • Due diligence begins on potential property, including cost analysis, zoning research, and a "test-fit" to determine how much usable space can fit within the property
  • Contract is signed on December 1, 2006
  • Assemble architecture design committee

Pre-Design / Programming

  • Preliminary design brainstorming with architecture volunteer team
  • Interview ministry teams to develop "program" for space usage
  • Architecture team analysis and refinement of detailed program
  • Real Estate committee search and selection process leads to Gertler & Wente selected as building Architect

Schematic Design (Summer 2007-Fall 2007)

  • Gertler & Wente develops two design schemes and several preliminary layouts from building program
  • NYC Building Code research on public assembly spaces
  • Structural and mechanical engineers develop preliminary building systems strategies
  • Presentation of two design schemes to ministry leaders, volunteer teams, and focus groups
  • Design is revised based on congregational input
  • Cost estimating exercise — alignment of budget, design, and schedule

Design Development (Fall 2007)

  • Real Estate Committee search and selection process leads to F. J. Sciame Construction selected for pre-construction services
  • Detailed review of design with code, theater, lighting, and kitchen consultants; geotechnical, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers
  • Research on cost and process of "building green"
  • Development of interior design strategies
  • Gather input on interior design development from ministry leaders, volunteer teams, and focus groups

Construction Documents (Winter 2008 - Summer 2008)

  • Prepare application for a construction permit with the NYC Department of Buildings
  • Prepare technical drawings of foundation, steel frame, mechanical HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, coordinated with architectural design
  • LEED building systems modeling to determine energy efficiency of proposed design
  • Site clean up and preparation by owner for contract closing

* Contract Closing/Ownership (October 2, 2008)

  • Structural probes to analyze strength of existing structural beams, columns and foundation
  • Geotechnical borings to analyze existing site conditions
  • Masonry probes on existing building façade
  • Additional building inspections and preparation for NYC Department of Buildings application

Bidding/Contract Negotiations Phase (Fall 2008 - Winter 2009)

  • Distribute construction documents to subcontractors for pricing
  • Gather bids to compare proposed costs and scope of work
  • Final review and fine tuning of design, based on input from subcontractors, for additional cost savings opportunities
  • Finalize bids and select best qualified subcontractors
  • Contractor selection/award
  • Negotiate contract with General Contractor and establish final cost for construction

Construction Milestones (projected start Early 2009 with an estimated 24 months to completion)

  • Demolition
  • Excavation and foundation
  • Erect structural steel framing
  • Interior finishes
  • Substantial completion