Introducing a new church building into a 21st century urban context is a unique challenge—the building has to serve the practical needs of a church with a wide variety of ministries, act as a community space, and fit in aesthetically with the residential brownstones around it. To these ends, the architects have been striving for a culturally-diverse design that is urbane and visionary. Outside and in, we want the building to feel like a natural, welcoming extension of the community around it.

We presented two of the architect's plans to focus groups, whose responses have helped shape the final design in key ways: the style of the auditorium and its location in the building, the circulation/flow of visitors through the building, and the uses of the fellowship hall.

Main Program Elements

  • Sanctuary Space The sanctuary space for Sunday services is the primary design element—the other components all fall into place around it. Our auditorium will maximize the seating capacity offered by the size of the floor, and include a balcony.
  • Classrooms We are excited to make Redeemer classes and children's ministry available to the west side congregation!
  • Fellowship Hall Our new building will have ample room for a Sunday fellowship hall with a flexible design, so that it can serve multiple uses as a social gathering place.
  • "Third Space" and Community Outreach We want to provide a space that invites the neighborhood in for anything from coffee and Wi-Fi to an evening adult-ed class.

Project Team

Gertler & Wente Architects,
F. J. Sciame Construction Management + Contractor,
Code Green, LEED Consultants,

Project Update

Brief update will be provided at Fall Congregational Meeting, November 9, 2008