Long-term Goals

To build a great city for all people–through a gospel movement that brings personal conversion, community formation, social justice and cultural renewal to New York and, through it, to the world.

1. Strengthen Redeemer
  • Permanent space is required for ministry stability and flexible
  • Church planting needs to increase scale
  • New ministries will first resource Redeemer, then all churches
2. Create a movement of churches
  • New churches are the best way to attract new people; and only a multitude of churches will reach all the diverse people in a city
  • City-wide ministries will equip churches with excellent ministry quality through training and economies of scale
  • Redeemer can lead and align these churches with the same vision and core values
3. Build a counter-culture for the common good
  • Christians renew the culture not by 'taking over' a city in power, but by living in the city and serving its common good, integrating their faith and work in the public sphere.
4. Renew global cities
  • Cities are the influence centers of every culture. As the city goes, so goes the culture. New York is the most influential city of all
5. Renew the World
  • This is the purpose of the church: to preach a live out the gospel in a way that transforms all creation
    Mark 13:10; Matthew 24:14