Staff Directory

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Redeemer Staff listed by

All extensions refer to 212-808-4460 unless noted otherwise.
For Redeemer Counseling staff, use 212-370-0475. See full counseling staff list here.

Center for Faith & Work
Events and Expanding Initiatives Manager Calgaro, Scott   x1345
Communications Coordinator Gill, Lauren    
Executive Director Kim, Rev. David H.   x1342
Coordinator, Arts Ministry Seale, Jon   x1344
Leader Development Manager Watkins, Amilee   x1347
Arts Ministry Coordinator Watkins, Brian    
City Campus Ministry
Director Keller, Rev. Michael (917) 284-8583  
Communication & Media
Director Cooke, Cregan   x1360
Sermon Orders & Subcriptions Fulgenzi, Casey    
Audio Engineer Kim, Paul   x1424
Sermon Ministry Manager Miles, Chris   x1422
Video Ministry Coordinator Troester, Nathan   x1421
Media Duplication and Shipping Coordinator Wolf, Max   x1420
Community Groups
Coordinator, West Side Congregation Gough, Susana   x1417
CG Intern, Downtown Congregation Rhodes, Kate   x1363
Coordinator, East Side Congregation Weidig, Lindsay   x1351
Director Cha, Judy 646-481-6781  
Counselor Cha, Peter 646-481-0622  
Counselor Ellis, Sobeyda 917-727-9153  
Services Coordinator Halzen, Jolene 212-370-0475 x1365
Counselor Kehlenbrink, Lois 646-494-2982  
Director of Operations Terrell, Missy 917-408-3656  
Counselor / Program Director Wen, Olimpio 646-535-2614  
  Diaconate Helpline    917-719-0259  
  Meals Ministry   x1451
Director Chang, Jenny   x1407
Coordinator Ellsworth, Ellie   x1359
Career Coach Moy, Lauren   x1409
Service Manager Spell, Suzy   x1408
Downtown Congregation
Nursery & Preschool Coordinator Clemens, Annalisa    
Children's Ministry Director Dolan, Karen    
Operations & Volunteer Manager Hammell, Andrew   x1398
AM Music Director Hollingsworth, Harrison   x5836
PM Music Director Lau, Mark   x5836
Lead Pastor Lin, Rev. John   x1395
Community Group Director Nacorda, Susan   x1399
Ministry Manager Simmons, Josh   x5835
Elementary Coordinator Troester, Anna    
Asst. Pastor White, Jeff   x1397
East Side Congregation
Volunteer & Event Manager Avanzato, Liz   x1437
PM Music Director Biali, Laila   x1474
Community Group Director Bjerke, Rev. Aaron   x1352
AM Music Director Burns, Miriam   x1479
Community Group Director Cook, Lyn   x1355
Communication Coordinator Dedewo, Paul    
Community Group Intern Hammond, Mallory    
Communications & Membership Manager Hess, Stacey   x5832
Children's Ministry Administrative Coordinator Koontz, Kathryn   x1354
Evangelism Coordinator Lee, Daniel   x1434
CG Intern & Elementary Coordinator McNerney, Chris    
Children's Ministry Director Rawlings, Spring   x1354
Nursery & Preschool Supervisor Schultz, Lindsey   x1354
Lead Pastor Schuster III, Rev. Leo      x1351
Community Group Director Shaffer, Steve   x1414
Sunday Operations Coordinator Silver, Cybele   x1438
Assistant Pastor Sirya, Rev. Edward   x1412
Director of Ministry Sirya, Rev. Edward   x1412
Ministry Coordinator Weidig, Lindsay   x1351
Employment Opportunities
Human Resources Director Kim, Kelsie   x1385
Family Ministries
Director Bounds, Dr. Brent   x1350
Administrative Coordinator Clemente, Karen    
Youth Ministries Director Plant, David   x1363
Youth Ministry Intern Rhodes, Kate   x1363
Youth Ministry Coordinator Trafton, Stephen   x5834
Reception Dienes, Jerry   x1386
Controller Loveland, Jeff   x1427
Assistant Controller Phillip, Shermaine   x1431
Senior Director of Finance and Operations Stanton, Brian   x1403
Executive Director Terrell, Bruce   x1406
Senior Accountant Wigotow, Aileen   x1433
Contributions Specialist Williams, Kimoine   x1432
Generosity & Stewardship
  Stanton, Brian   x1403
  Terrell, Bruce   x1406
Hope For New York
Program Coordinator Brown, Lauren   x(917) 206-1440
Executive Director Chong, Elise   x1444
Volunteer Coordinator Edge, Whitney   x1441
Communications Manager Evans, Katherine   x1442
Manager of Affiliate Development Flynn Niemitz, Mary      x1449
Senior Manager of Volunteer Initiatives KimJohnson, Savina   x1441
Senior Manager of Affiliate Development Larson, Esther   x1445
Human Resources
Benefits & Payroll Administrator Dana, Alec   x1429
Human Resources Director Kim, Kelsie   x1385
Coordinator, West Side Congregation Gough, Susana   x1417
Coordinator, East Side Congregation Hess, Stacey   x5832
Coordinator, Downtown Congregation Simmons, Josh   x5835
Office Administration
Director, Information Services Dolan, Chris   x1388
Pastoral Staff
Senior Pastor Keller, Rev. Tim   x1405
Redeemer City to City
Director, Europe, Africa, Middle East & N. America Barth, Rev. Al    
Digital Engagement Manager Cox, Tim   x1476
Church Planting Catalyst, NYC Guerrero, Rev. Robert    
President Hutchinson, Rev. John    
Vice President, Content Labs Kauffmann, Scott   x1460
Project Manager, Europe, Africa & the Middle East Kaufman, Laura   x1472
Director, Asia & Australia Kyle, Rev. Jay   x1457
Faith, Work & Leadership Initiative Leary Alsdorf, Katherine   x1349
Content Manager Lee, Clara   x1461
Exec. Assistant to the President Marshall, Michelle   x1464
Manager, Church Planting Penn, Melanie   x1462
Vice President, Operations & Leadership Programs Reynolds, Rev. Mark   x1456
Development Associate Schuster, Ellen   x1466
Coordinator, Short-Term Missions Stanton, Christina 917-446-2445  
Director, Global Training Thomas, Dr. John   x1469
Associate Director, Intercultural Church Planting Watanabe, Gary   x1463
RENEW Campaign
  Stanton, Brian   x1403
W83 Ministry Center
Building and Programming Director Hickey, John   x5855
Events and Programming Manager Lechliter, Rachael   x5856
Evening Receptionist, Event Support Mann, Steven   x5862
Building Superintendent Munoz, Michael   x5857
Day Receptionist Zeller, Brenda   x5862
West Side Congregation
Lead Pastor Bisgrove, Rev. David   x1404
Children's Ministry Volunteer Coordinator Bounds, Jenni   x1356
Managing Director of Community Groups Brown-Peterside, Dr. Pamela   x1416
Assistant Pastor Cho, Rev. Abraham   x1413
Children's Ministry Preschool Coordinator Durham, Ariane   x1356
Ministry Manager Gough, Susana   x1417
Children's Ministry Director Griffith, Bethany   x1356
Sunday Service Volunteers Coordinator Harris, Nicole   x1477
Worship & Music Ministry Assistant Harris, Nicole   x1477
Community Group Director Hill, Rev. Omari   x1425
Music Director Jennings, Dr. Tom   x1478
Ministry Director Koch, Tiffany   x1415
Community Group Intern Koh, Michele   x5060
Children's Ministry Elementary Coordinator Lloyd, Meagan   x1356
Community Group Director Mirtolooi, Rev. Bijan   x1362
Volunteer and Event Manager Robinson, Amanda   x1439
Communications and Ministry Coordinator Sonneland, Holly K.    
Nursery Coordinator Stevens, Regan    
Community Group Intern Suh, Esther   x5060
Children's Min. Communications & Database Coord. Waites, Lana   x1356
Worship & Music
East Side PM Music Director Biali, Laila   x1474
East Side AM Music Director Burns, Miriam   x1479
West Side Music Director Jennings, Dr. Tom   x1478