How to Become a Member

Step 1: Membership Classes

The first step toward joining Redeemer is to take the Introduction to Redeemer seminar, also known as the membership class. The seminar is free - you don't have to pay for the class.

The class is open to anyone interested in learning about Redeemer - taking the seminar does not oblige you to join.

Register for the membership seminar

Step 2: Membership Application & Interview

Application - We'll know you're interested in joining Redeemer when you send us your completed membership application. Please fill out your application here.

And don't hesitate to send your application before you take the seminar.

Interview - A Redeemer officer will interview you before the Session considers you for membership. Married and engaged couples interview together. Interviews usually last 45 - 60 minutes.

To schedule an interview - You are "interview ready" when Redeemer's database "sees" that your seminar and application fields are filled. You can check for available interview slots online here.

Note: It's a good idea to check your spam filters and keep your mailbox clear.

Step 3: Session Approval

After your interview, Redeemer's Session (the church's ruling Elders and pastors) will consider you for approval at their monthly Monday evening meeting. The Session does not meet in August and therefore, they do not elect members at that time. You become an official member the night the Session approves your membership. (You don't have to be at this meeting.)

Within 10 days of Session approval, you will receive e-mail welcoming you to as an official Redeemer member. The message will also give you details about when you can take your public membership vows at a future Sunday worship service.

If you are not approved for membership, a church officer will contact you.

Membership Transfers:

Even if you're coming to Redeemer from another Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) church, you must take the Introduction to Redeemer course and be interviewed.

Prior to your interview, everyone - whether or not you're transferring from a PCA church - should ask their former church to send a letter or certificate of transfer to:

Membership Coordinator
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
1359 Broadway - 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018-7102

The letter/certificate should say:

  • you are a member in good standing, and
  • they are releasing you into Redeemer's spiritual care

Dual Membership

Under our bylaws, Redeemer does not allow dual membership - that is, membership in Redeemer and any other church, even if that church is a PCA church.

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